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ABSOLUTE PHONO 全球首創的主動式唱頭蓋的Absolute Phono唱頭放大器 安裝在唱臂的一個微小的電路板放大從墨盒在其源頭的高度敏感的輸出信號。其結果是,該信噪比通過在整..
US$ 11,350.00
德國 霸銘 Brinkmann Audio由音響狂熱份子Helmut Brinkmann先生於上世紀八十年代創立,一直醉心鑽研發燒黑膠重播系統及各類高保真擴音機產品,自家工場擁有高精度電腦數控車床及各..
US$ 6,650.00
The cartridge is essentially an EMT, which then undergoes heavy modifications. The list of modificat..
US$ 3,660.00
Type: MC cartridge Output Voltage: 0.19 mVrms (1kHz 35.4mm/sec., at 45°peak) Coil Impedance: ..
US$ 5,280.00
While playing a record, the tonearm must be able to move both horizontally and vertically – ..
US$ 6,000.00
Nasotec Azimuth Calibration Mirror New
Product Description    Unbreakable, very thin and light acrylic real mirror -..
US$ 6.50
Nasotec Headshell Alignment Block - New upgraded version New
Product Description    Best for VTA & Azimuth alignment -CNC machined ver..
US$ 49.50
Nasotec Swing Headshell 202A1 New
Nasotec Swing Headshell 202A1 The Swing Headshell improves tracking ability with no distincti..
US$ 330.00
Nasotec Tweezers New
Product Description    -Refromed and modified by Nasotec for the best performanc..
US$ 24.00
Nasotec VEM Spike & Shoe New
Product Description   VEM (Vibration Extinction Mechanism)    Incoming v..
US$ 375.00
高度風(Ortofon)2M MONO 特別版唱頭 高度風(Ortofon)新款 2M MONO 特別版唱頭的設計與製作,專門致敬甲殼蟲樂隊新單聲道唱片集。 甲殼蟲樂隊在許多音樂愛好者的心..
US$ 615.00
Improving on perfection Ortofon is proud to launch the MC A95, a world class moving coil cart..
US$ 4,800.00
The new Ortofon’s  SPU A95 represents the highest echelon of SPU cartridges Ortofon is proud..
US$ 3,160.00
MC input Sensitivity:  0.35mV for  350mV output at 1KHz Input impedance: 200 Ohms ..
US$ 488.00
The factory set input voltage of this tachometer is 220V, 50HZ. If you want to adjust the input volt..
US$ 699.00
革命靜電刷改善音質和畫質的全新和改進的SK-III具有銠金屬包覆套接地,以提高導電率和10%以上的超精細電暈放電纖維。對於磁盤媒體(CD,DVD光盤,LPS)AV投影機鏡頭,等離子/液晶屏 &n..
US$ 110.00
Turntable with Air Technology by TechDAS Real significance and spirit of ultimate analog play..
US$ 41,500.00
Mating ultra-precision with utmost ease and swift operation    While the UNI-Pr..
US$ 630.00
Everything the world loved about the Scout now is now in a simplified pre-mounted package! It is as..
US$ 1,550.00
[高品]黑膠唱片清洗劑 New
高品黑膠唱片清洗劑LP洗碟水    鑑於市面上的眾多LP洗碟水,包括國內國外,有便宜的,也有價格離譜的,但始終沒有一款能夠完美徹底清潔而又不傷碟片讓我們玩家放心的洗..
US$ 15.35