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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

HK68 Online Shop (, hereinafter referred to as "HK68") subject to the provisions of existing issued by the Hong Kong SAR, "the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance" strictly protect the users to HK68 Online Shop website the security and confidentiality of personal data. The following privacy policy applies to all websites directly under the HK68, Newsletter and activities. Given the characteristics of networks, HK68 will inevitably have a direct or indirect user interaction, it is hereby collect, use and safeguard the personal information of the user HK68 taken, please read carefully the user:

You please read this Privacy Policy to ensure HK68 clearly understand how to deal with your personal information when you use the Site and the services provided to offer. Your use of this website constitutes consent responsibility and policy statements were listed.

Privacy Alert
HK68 will amend this "Privacy Statement", please pay attention to the revised user transaction, and regularly visit HK68 to view the latest Internet Privacy Statement. If you to the revised terms, the continued use of this website, you shall be deemed to have accepted the amendment. If users of Internet Privacy contents of HK68 have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

HK68 Online Shop (, hereinafter referred to as "HK68")

Data Collection

Obtain the user's personal information
Non-consent of the user or the law, HK68 will not get any user's personal information. HK68 way now achieved when the user's personal information, mainly for user registration, registration fee email, customer service or correction of personal information entered on the HK68 electronic or written form.

Users of non-personal information and use it to obtain
We will collect the user's IP address through a non-personal information, such as browser nature, region, language, operating system types of users, to provide users with access to services such as ISP domain name, in order to optimize the user's computer screen page on the display. By collecting this information, we also conducted traffic statistics to improve management and service HK68.

Cookies processing

Whenever a user browsing Website will be about browser preferences (Preferences) information (Cookies) stored by the browser to the user's computer hard drive, so that the next show while browsing commonly used in user mode.

In order to provide appropriate information and personalized to individual users, http: // cookies will be written to a user's hard drive through your browser and read information from the user's hard drive.

Users who wish to refuse to accept cookies, can be more concerned tone in your browser settings.

The purpose and scope of the use of user profile
Select HK68 register and expressly agree to receive relevant information users will receive a message about new products, news, events and the latest updates on the Internet's HK68 HK68 emailed way.
HK68 user can choose to unsubscribe at any time, the above message, once unsubscribe, HK68 HK68 above will no longer send messages to the user's e-mail. Registered users HK68 HK68 deemed User expressly consent to such use of their personal information. Unregistered users can still use the HK68 use part without registration. Users can feel free to contact our customer support window to cancel for personal data storage and processing user consent.
HK68 guaranteed by the user in electronic or non-written consent must not be user profile, transfer or sell to a third party. But according to the law or because the law requires government agencies to provide a user's personal information HK68 legal grounds, unless.

Privacy exclude liability
HK68 may contain links to other websites or web pages of. These links outside the site of the protection of their privacy, noted according to privacy protection policies and regulations of each site, and not belong to the scope of HK68 Internet privacy. Please pay attention to protect personal information in order to avoid network privacy has been violated.

Confidentiality of information

Maintain security of personal data
Information will be provided by the user HK68 strict management and protection, HK68 will use appropriate technology to try to prevent the user's personal information is lost, stolen or tampered with, but the process does not guarantee the absolute security of information transmitted. Leakage of personal information such as user found, please contact immediately with the HK68. Send a message to the user via the Internet when incurred losses HK68 or HK68 user's requirements through the Internet users to issue a message of seasonal incur any loss, HK68 is not responsible. Users use of this website to transmit or receive messages incur any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages and non-HK68 deliberately cause a user's personal information is lost, stolen or tampered with by, HK68 no responsibility.

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