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The cartridge »Pi« has been developed together with our tonearms. With an ingenious mounting of the ..
US$ 2,199.00

德國 霸銘 Brinkmann Audio由音響狂熱份子Helmut Brinkmann先生於上世紀八十年代創立,一直醉心鑽研發燒黑膠重播系統及各類高保真擴音機產品,自家工場擁有高精度電腦數控車床及各..
US$ 6,699.00

The cartridge is essentially an EMT, which then undergoes heavy modifications. The list of modificat..
US$ 3,649.00

The »10.0« has a close resemblance with the »10.5« tonearm. Various component parts that have proved..
US$ 3,399.00