Yamamoto Sound Craft BT2

Yamamoto Sound Craft BT2
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Yamamoto Sound Craft BT2 山本音響工芸 BT2

Brass bolt set for the cartridge mounting

● the weight of each member: 6mm bolt: 0.36g / 1 pcs, 8mm bolt: 0.41g / 1 piece, 12mm bolt: 0.53g / 1 piece, 15mm bolt: 0.63g / 1 piece, 18mm bolt: 0.73g / 1 number, 20mm bolt: 0.81g / 1 piece, 25mm bolt: 0.98g / 1 piece, opposite side 4mm nut: 0.14g / 1 piece, BT-2 is brass bolts and nuts to be used when installing the cartridge to the head shell it is set. Analog cartridge types are many, will also need the various lengths mounting bolt for are different infinite variety dimensions of the mounting portion also. Aluminum screw that is commonly used is such that the intensity is the sound quality on the demerit is often low. BT-2 is a set of brass bolts and nuts that can be used in such cases. All material is non-magnetic base for 24 gold-plated finish is made of brass. Bolt length is 6, 8, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25 seven of each two at a time and the opposite side 4mm nut has become in 10 pieces. With these long screws It is also possible to adjust the weight, including the head shell and cartridge in combination with the WA-1 released simultaneously. The fine adjustment is easier to use makes it possible to unify the weight of the head shell when adjusting the length of the nuts and bolts number. There is no need cartridge replacement of the unified the weight keep and needle pressure adjusted at the time of Karijji exchange of the sum of the cartridge and head shell will is likely to. Comes to BT-2 nut is very has become as small as 4mm, you will be able to use reasonably well into the groove portion of the cartridge body. Please refer to the weight adjustment so we wrote the weight of each member in the following.

BT-2 standard
● Format: bolts and nuts for the cartridge mounting
● Set Contents: M2.6 bolt length 6, 8, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25mm two each
M2.6 opposite side 4mm nut 10
● Material and finishing: brass and non-magnetic surface treatment, 24 gold-plated finish

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