Kinoshita Monitor Rey audio KM1V (G) Black

Kinoshita Monitor Rey audio KM1V (G) Black
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Compact Monitor Speaker KM1V


We have received many requests from people using our large monitor system who want a small versatile monitor system with the same quality and professional standards of our large system.
Now here is our answer: The debut of "K-Monitor KM1V". We are proud to introduce this new high quality compact monitor system. The capability of the system is something that one has to hear to believe. Especialy the three dimensional "holographic sound image" makes it feel as if you are watching the musicians playing in front of you. And this is true from almost any listening position.
The K-Monitor KM1V is suitable not only as a near-field monitor in recording studios, but also in mastering studios, post production studios and mobile studios where large to medium monitor systems are in use. The debut of the K-Monitor KM1V will also be good news to those who want excellent sound quality at home but have limited space.

The features of the K-Monitor KM1V
The new unique shape of the speaker cabinet is designed not to disturb the sound field of the large monitor in recording studios when it is used on top of the mixing console. The width of the cabinet has been reduced and its rounded edges and wedge shape minimise the reflection from its back surface in order to maintain the natural flow of the sound from the large monitor system. This also prevents its own reflection from interrupting its own sound field when it is used on its own. And with our original Vertical-Twinn layout the listener can almost visualise the sound field.
Our new SPDW (Side Ported Double Wedge) cabinet design has enabled us to increase the area and length of the port in spite of the small size of the cabinet. Combined with the speaker units specialy designed for the K-Monitor KM1V, this has made it possible to reproduce frequencies as low as 45Hz while maintaining high degree of sensitivity (92dB/W/m).
The K-Monitor KM1V is a 2-way system with a pair of 13cm diameter woofers with higher flux density magnetic structure and a 3.4cm diameter soft-dome tweeter. The crossover frequency is held at 1,500Hz with the "Phase Tuned Hi-Level X-Over" to reproduce a more natural sound. The K-Monitor KM1V is, of course, provided with Kinoshita Monitor's TSS (Total Sleeve Shield) technology which prevents any outside interference. Due to the monitor's highly sensitive design, its excellent response comes through even at the very low sound pressure level.
The K-Monitor KM1V is neutral in sound, unique in style and leaves nothing more to be desired. It comes in two colors: Fir-green/Maple-red or Mahogany. The choice is yours.




KM1V (G)


KM1V (M)

K-Monitor KM1V

Type SPDW (Side Ported Double Wedge) Vertical-Twinn
Speaker Units 2-13cm Woofer, 3.4cm Soft Dome Tweeter
X-Over Phase Tuned High Level X-over
X-Over Frequency 1,500Hz
Frequency range 45Hz - 25kHz
Sencitivity 92 dB/W/m
Maximum Input 150W
Rated Input 50W
Impedance 4Ω(3.2Ωmin/250Hz
Dimensions 170W*420H*408D
Weight 13kg
Input Terminal 4mmφ-Banana with TSS
Finish and Color Natural Wood Oil Finished
Fir-Green/Maple-Red(type G), or Mahogany (type M)
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