My Sonic Lab Eminent GL MC Cartridge

My Sonic Lab Eminent GL MC Cartridge
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Format ultra-low impedance type MC cartridge
Frequency range 10 ~ 50,000Hz
Output voltage 0.4mV (1kHz)
Internal impedance 1.0Ω
Proper needle pressure 1.9 ~ 2.2g (2g center)
Cantilever super duralumin double structure
Needle tip Semi-line contact (3μmm × 30μmm)
Within channel balance 0.5dB (1kHz)
Crosstalk 30dB or more (1kHz)
Magnet neodymium # 50
Terminal pin bright rhodium-plated
Own weight 9.5g


"Source impedance is low-output energy is high ...!"
Called "shape" of the ideal of MC cartridge "ultra-low impedance / high energy output ...!" Was born in thorough pursuit "Eminent" plays a shocking debut in audio world and appeared in 2003 year.
Since then I've come to the development up to the pursuit of further improvement of this idea in the "Ultra Eminent Bc", where it was re-verify and return "Eminent" stood again origin, even more by reducing the internal resistance we have decided to address the low impedance.
"Eminent GL" is revised to internal impedance = 1Ω · output voltage = 0.4mV (Eminent: 1.8Ω / 0.5mV).
This aims to reduce the internal resistance in the expansion of the conductor cross-sectional area by small winding of the coil, is what you have to improve the reduction and phase characteristics of the internal loss.
In other words, to obtain a low to a high energy internal loss as much higher to obtain the quality signal "generator" may as is, the waveform distortion and phase distortion say to minimize, and because REQUIREMENTS AC Theory source is.
However, among the limited structure for the cartridge, to say that the lower the internal resistance is a decrease in output energy, but it is now easy to amplify this later (amplifiers, transformers, etc.), playback in that you say get a "dynamic range" is essentially it is necessary conditions to obtain the "signal source".
In this perspective, My Sonic Lab I have been promoting the "low impedance and high energy output".
On the other hand, to increase the mechanical strength of the cartridge base is also an important issue of quality improvement, change from free-cutting aluminum alloy of "Eminent", to the "Eminent GL" In super duralumin (A-7075).
Hardness will be about 2 times but the final processing is extremely difficult.
However, was born in that to overcome dare this difficult because of the sound quality improvement is the "Eminent GL".
As a result, we have contributed significantly to the improvement of resolution in force sensation and the entire band of the low frequency range.
Thus "Eminent" of was to further advance was a "New World of cartridge" that open is the "Eminent GL".

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