ZYX SHELL LEAD WIRE shell lead 6N high purity oxygen-free copper

ZYX SHELL LEAD WIRE shell lead 6N high purity oxygen-free copper
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Shell leads appeared from ZYX. MC (Moving Coil) cartridge is a device that converts the signal of sound groove of record in electricity, but its output is very small weak. Of course, the electrical conduction path leading to the phono amplifier section in order to obtain a high-quality sound will be very important. Among them, wire cartridge shell is very short, is its importance is often overlooked. In ZYX and attention to this shell lead. We committed to transfer the power information of the cartridge in the loss of minimum.

■ line 6N high purity oxygen-free copper. Length ensure the necessary and sufficient 30mm (length of the edge from the edge of the terminal).
■ wire is very easy to use because you bend to flexible, you just will fit in the use of any product.
■ the junction of the wire and the terminal-free solder
■ terminal because it is one that is bent the gold plate on the triangle-shaped, adjustable to suit the thickness of the connecting terminal

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