My Sonic Lab Eminent MC Cartridge

My Sonic Lab Eminent MC Cartridge
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Frequency range 10 ~ 50,000Hz
Output voltage 0.5mV / 1kHz
Internal impedance 1.8Ω (DCR)
Needle pressure 1.9 ~ 2.2g
Needle tip Semi-line contact
weight 9g

My Sonic Lab is, by the "Eminent" which was published in 2003 autumn, debuted as MC cartridge brand.
First, internal impedance: 1.8Ω / output voltage: that 0.5mV, but once any cartridge also became a hot topic in the high efficiency design never realized, it is not the only numbers (data), significantly changing the playback sound itself I became a thing.
Low impedance signal source (internal resistance), high output energy, yet the fact that reduce the magnetic distortion is what Improving the basic power source that dramatically improve the dynamic range of the reproduced signal There, you will be depressed in the most difficult technical problems for the cartridge.
core material the driving force was born out of more than 20 years of research is "SH-μX".
"Eminent" is now with this first cartridge accounted known world the quality of the capabilities and playback sound of "SH-μX".
And, was derived and develop this Eminent as origin, is a MONO cartridge "Eminent Solo", is "Hyper Eminent" of high-end models.
Sound building of My Sonic not to deliberate, as much as possible result of obtaining the natural reproduced sound, the adoption of the needle tip and aluminum (duralumin) cantilever of semi-line contact, housing aluminum alloy (free suitable for high-precision machining It was adopted cutting alloy · A5052), we are subjected to hard-anodized.

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