Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-4S carbon head shell (with 6N copper lead)

Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-4S carbon head shell (with 6N copper lead)
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HS-4 and HS-4S is the new style head shell which uses a high intensity and lightweight carbon fiber.
A carbon fiber is the latest material that is adopted as an airplane, a racing car, etc. as tip compound material, and attracts attention.
A carbon fiber is molded using an epoxy resin etc. and it is manufactured.
The feature is proud of the weight of the abbreviation about 1/5, and twice as many high rigidity as steel and steel, and acoustic velocity (propagation rate of sound) is also excellent.
The carbon fiber was molded by HS-4 and HS-4S in size as thick as 5mm, high intensity was maintained, and head shell was made.
The carbon fiber was hard and it was famous as a difficult material of processing, and since processing cost was attached highly, it was a problem of the product spread of carbon products.
Processing of HS-4 and HS-4S made full use of a CNC processing machine in our company, and it succeeded in lowering cost by processing all at its company.
A shell lead HS-4S is with standard lead and HS-4 are the types which soldered 6N copper wire to the connector part directly.
Although HS-4S cannot perform exchange of a shell lead, there is a sound quality merit by one passing point of contact decreasing, and the freshness of sound improves greatly.
The result weight containing a lead fulfills the ideal conditions as about 11g or head shell which it becomes, is light and is called a light weight and quantity rigidity.
Generally, since the dynamic sensitivity becomes high so that the weight in which the tone arm included a cartridge and head shell is light, it contributes to the improvement in the amount of information.


HS-4 and HS-4S Specifications

-Attached lead HS-4: Normalized form 4 color lead attachment,
HS-4S: Very thick 6N copper wire lead attachment, the connector side soldering (exchange is impossible), and a connector pin are phosphorus bronze shaving, and are a product made from phosphorus bronze Gold plating.
-Material: Body: Carbon fiber 5mm thickness Finger-hook part: Brass (nonmagnetic Gold plating finish)
-Outside dimension: 18 (W) 50 (L) 18 (H) Length containing a connector part excluding an attachment part and a finger-hook portion: 62mm
-Weight : 10.7g ( attachment screw containing a lead is not included)
-Accessories: Product made from brass Gold plating attachment screw Three-sort attachment

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