Yamamoto Sound Craft HS-5 Titanium head shell (with standard lead)

Yamamoto Sound Craft  HS-5 Titanium head shell (with standard lead)
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HS-5 and HS-5S is the new style head shell which uses high intensity and comparatively lightweight metal titanium material.
It can be called the material the quality of the material is light at the high purity titanium material of the appearance of astringent gray, high the quality of the material intensity and most promising as a head shell material in the material of a metal system.

Specific gravity of titanium is abbreviation halves, such as 4.5 and brass, and since intensity is so hard that it is comparable also to steel, it is used for various tools etc. these days.
Since it is used for honed Leiber's diaphragm etc. also in the direction of sound, of course, it can be said that the merit of the sound quality side is large.
Titanium is also famous as a difficult material of processing, and our company begins the adoption to head shell, and it seems to be.
We recommend so that you may already use together product attachment screw BT-1made from titanium on sale, when you actually use it.
a forcible sound which it attached by unifying a material into titanium, and intensity improved, and was rich in speediness pleasure it can obtain.
A shell lead HS-5S with standard wire, and HS-5S are the types which soldered 6N copper wire to the connector part directly.
Although HS-5S cannot perform exchange of a shell lead, there is a sound quality merit by one passing point of contact decreasing, and the freshness of sound improves greatly.
The result weight containing a lead is 18.4g.
Although it is somewhat heavy, in a carbon fiber etc., it differs and weightiness peculiar to metal and forcibleness are charm.

HS-5 and HS-5S Specifications

-Attached lead : HS-5:Normalized form 4 color lead attachment,
HS-5S: Very thick 6N copper wire lead attachment, the connector side soldering (exchange is impossible), and a connector pin are phosphorus bronze shaving, and are a product made from phosphorus bronze Gold plating.
- Material: Body: Pure titanium Finger-hook part: Brass (nonmagnetic Gold plating finish)
- Outside dimension: 18 (W) 50 (L) 16 (H) Length containing a connector part excluding an attachment part and a finger-hook portion: 62mm
-Weight : 18.4g ( attachment screw containing a lead is not included)
- Accessories: Product made from brass Gold plating attachment screw Three-sort attachment

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