Audio DEVA Atmo Sfera™ Lifestyle Edition

Audio DEVA Atmo Sfera™ Lifestyle Edition
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Vinyl means a smooth warm tune, resonating gracefully as it spins. To create this delicacy in sound quality Atmo Sfera is designed by a team of Italian engineers, breaking boundaries by introducing a (almost) disappearing platter as a new paradigm in turntable design.

Features Overview

Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off



Atmo Sfera is designed, produced and assembled in Italy.



Low resonance, CNC machined, Anticorodal® Aluminium plinth.



Introduced by Alcoa in 1943, ERGAL aka alloy 7075 has been the standard workhorse 7XXX series alloy within the aerospace industry ever since.




The phono preamp, also known as phono stage, phono preamplifier, RIAA preamp or turntable preamp is the electronic circuit that applies the correct amplification to the signal coming from your cartridge and sends it to the input of a power amplifier or audio system.



The aluminum substrate is electrochemically oxidized under constant potential so that the surface of aluminum will be covered by a nanoporous oxide color layer.



No setup required with the fitted ORTOFON cartridge


Atmo Sfera

Lifestyle Edition

  • Belt-driven, two speed (35/45 RPM) turntable.
  • No setup required with the pre-fitted ORTOFON OM5 E cartridge.
  • Aluminium tonearm.
  • Vibration Damping Feet.
  • Universal Power supply: 110-240 V, 50-60Hz.
  • We only ship orders within Europe.

Modern urban lifestyle simply doesn't need another gigantic round platter, a squared wooden case and a complex piece of mechanics - the tonearm - in such an old - style - furniture called 'Turntable'.

Days of horse - drawn carriages are passed, at last, but the turntable with its basic design remained the same for about a century.

To revolutionize the classic turntable design with all its drawbacks, such as heavy weight, size, playing mechanism and vulnerability to vibration and to achieve the highest sound quality we concentrated on only the vital components, using high-quality materials.

The result is an engineering masterpiece producing playback audio quality, barely surpassed even by the most sought after turntables. In ATMO SFERA Turntable there is no gimmick accessory, it is solely focused on music-making components, with the finest Italian taste for industrial design.

Here we reveal the golden key of achieving higher sound quality from a truly different design.

Imagine the turntable (EVERY turntable) as a gigantic spring; more the weight, the dimension etc. more the spring. Every spring squeezes itself to absorb energy and so does the turntable; then it releases that energy causing buzzes, noises and muddiness in the audio range. The simplest method the vast majority of the turntable designers use to avoid this is to add a huge mass, so: heavier platters, heavier turntable plinths and so on.

But -according to physics- there is a different mode to cope with those undesirable effects: to reduce energy stored into the turntable base and into the turntable platter, the interfaces to the revolving long-playing record. To achieve this goal we use a light platter, a very small, low-torque motor and leave the record freely floating (almost...) into air.

This (not so) simple trick gives to vibrations no free room to flow through the mat and the platter, virtually disappeared in our design and to reach the turntable pickup Even the most famous brands of commercial turntables in the market have not been able to solve this problem But We Have:

ATMO SFERA has the secret in its name: Atmosphere in Space. Atmosphere around us is the only Platter that does not generate energy back to the record because it uses the air as a Platter.

ATMO SFERA Red finishATMO SFERA Red finish

We designed the ATMO SFERA for everyone from the first - time record listener to the audiophile vinyl enthusiast. You don't need to set up your cartridge or purchase additional outboard gear such as phono pre-amps, amplifiers. (although you have the option to). All of these are included in our integrated design.

Measurements Inches and CentimetersMeasurements Inches and Centimeters


• Platterless design, a unique design where the record spins in air flawlessly and smoothly

• Belt-Driven, Two speed (33/45 RPM) turntable

• Small, low torque bipolar motor, driven by a synthesized, very pure sinusoidal wave

• Microprocessor controlled operation

• Tonearm

•static balanced Tonearm

• Effective arm length: 228 mm - Arm overhang: 15 mm


• Pre fitted Audio Technica AT 95 E MM Cartridge

Other Features

• Low resonance, CNC machined, Anticorodal Aluminium plinth

• CNC machined Ergal Shaft

• Vibration damping feet

• No setup required with the fitted cartridge

• Dimension (base only): 12" x 11" x 4" or 31 cm x 28 cm x 10 cm

• Weight: 6.5 lbs. or 2.8 Kg

• Universal Power supply: 110-240 V / 50Hz / 60Hz


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